April Technical Talk

When:  Apr 25, 2024 from 06:00 PM to 08:30 PM (ICT)
Associated with  Vietnam Section

Evaluation of Fracture Performance using Array-Based Acoustic Logging Tools

Dr. Artur Giniyatullin - TGT Diagnostics

Speaker Bio

Dr. Artur Giniyatullin is the technical Domain Champion in the Southeast Asia region at TGT Diagnostics. Artur holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering with a major in fluid dynamics and thermal engineering. Dr. Giniyatullin's duties are to lead the technical aspects of multisensory logging and its application for well diagnostics in Southeast Asia to make wells safe clean and productive. Dr. Giniyatullin's technical expertise and research background is in multiphase flow modeling, production logging, flow assurance, thermal modeling, CCUS, integrity evaluation, decarbonization, and predictive diagnostics.



The sounds generated by fluids flowing in a well or in near-well reservoir zones can provide a wealth of information about reservoir architecture and flow dynamics. The principle behind spectral acoustics is to record and interpret the acoustic signals generated by flowing fluids. These signals may be generated by fluids flowing through a well or reservoir, or by fluid leaks in downhole components. Advanced analysis and interpretation of the signals offers crucial insights, enabling experts to assess well integrity, identify production and injection intervals, and provide a detailed hydrodynamic characterisation of the reservoir. The principle is simple, but in practice there are serious issues to overcome.


The well reservoir system is an extremely challenging environment for capturing and analysing the high-fidelity sound signals required for precision flow diagnostics. The well and near-well environment contains a range of different materials and fluids with varying acoustic properties, multiple physical boundaries and mechanical noise that combines to create a complex spectrum of acoustic energy. The accuracy of an acoustic diagnosis, and the quality of the decisions based upon it, hinges upon the fidelity and resolution of the sound recording and the effectiveness of processing and analysis technologies.


This presentation will focus on how in tight reservoirs, analysts can distinguish between flows that are in close proximity and to differentiate between near-completion flows (at an inflow control device) and flows in the reservoir (fracture flows). The technology can also provide an accurate flow geometry that displays the relative contribution each fracture makes to production. The results provided can provide operator with valuable insights for optimising fracturing parameters and completion design for field-wide roll-out.


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