Archive of Past 100 Announcements

  • Invitation to the 2024 SPE Vietnam G&T Tournament

    We are pleased to announce the 2024 SPE Vietnam G&T Tournament, scheduled for October 31 and November 1-2 in Vung Tau.
    This exciting event will combine technical presentations with social activities.
    For sponsorship opportunities and registration details, please see our attached First Newsletter.
    We kindly ask that you circulate this information to relevant parties.
    For further inquiries, please contact:
    General Inquiries:
    Mr. Serge Hayon: +84 911 901961,
    Mr. Nguyễn Lâm Anh: +84 983 226426,
    Registration and Other Concerns:
    Ms. Jenny Lê Quế Phương: +84 914 138238,
    Mr. Vũ Thanh Phong: +84 703 442 523,
    Registration, payment and invoice:
    Ms. Lan: +84 903 919895,
    We look forward to your participation.