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June 2018 Distinguished Lecturer presentation - Christiaan Luca, download here

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SPE Vietnam CE Talk - September 2018

On 8th September, the Continuing Education Chapter of SPE Vietnam, together with the HCMUT SPE Student Chapter, successfully organised an event titled “Fluent in English Tips and Tricks”. This event attracted 20 students who showed great enthusiasm during the presentation and the open discussion that followed. We would like to express our warmest gratitude to Mr. Duy Le for sharing many valuable tips with the students.

Date: 08th September 2018
Venue: Bach Khoa University, Ho Chi Minh City

SPE Vietnam Technical Talk - August 2018

In the last week of August, Nick Last from Well Test Knowledge International delivered an informative technical session on the challenges of commingled wells to a crowd of 40 participants. The talk presented the difficulties in determining flow contribution of individual sands within a multi-layered reservoir and its effect on GIP value determination. The variation in reservoir properties also adds to the complexity. In order to tackle these issues, production testing and conventional modelling were discussed as possible solutions. The following Q&A session was extremely interactive and continued well after the session concluded. Thank you Nick for an interesting presentation!

Date: 27th August 2018
Venue: Saigon Prince Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City


SPE Charity Fun Run 2018

On Sunday, 01st July 2018, the SPE Charity Fun Run took place in Vung Tau City, Ba Ria – Vung Tau, with the much appreciated help of the local governmental representatives, the Union of Ba Ria – Vung Tau Friendship Organizations, and Long Cung Resort. It attracted the participation of 90 runners from 10 oil and gas companies in Vietnam. Despite the heat from the scorching sun, our runners first successfully completed their races, before cleaning up the beach and collecting rubbish, all in the spirit of promoting a healthy, active lifestyle whilst raising environmental awareness.


SPE Vietnam Section and the SPE Charity Fun Run Organising Committee would like to thank our enthusiastic runners for their participation and contribution to this good cause. We would also like to express our most sincere gratitude for the supports we received, which will be put to good use in the various upcoming charitable projects that SPE Vietnam takes part in every year. Last but not least, we would like to thank all volunteers, without whom this event would not have been possible. We look forward to welcoming you at future charity events of SPE Vietnam!

CE & YPs Talk - How to make the most of your LinkedIn profile

On the 21st of June, Mr. Do Minh Tuan from Adecco shared with our audience tips and tricks when it comes to utilising the power of LinkedIn. It is without a doubt that his experience from the perspectives of both the job seeker and the recruiter, which he imparted to his captivated audience, will greatly benefit the latter in their quest to land their dream career.

SPE Vietnam would like to thank Murphy Oil for their continual support, and for sponsoring the venue for this Continuing Education and Young Professionals event.

Date and Time: 21st June 2018, 17:30 – 19:00

Venue: Murphy Oil’s Conference Room, 35th Floor, Bitexco Financial Tower, 2 Hai Trieu St., Dist. 1, HCMC


SPE May Technical Talks

In May, SPE Vietnam has organised two Technical Talks.

The first one, on the 21st of May, was presented by SPE Distinguished Lecturer, Iskander Diyashev from PetroSkills, with the topic "The Future Role of Oil".


Following that, on the 24th of May, another talk was presented by Nicholas Fulford, from Gaffney Cline & Associates, with the topic "Moving Parts in the LNG Value Chain". A link for this presentation can be found at https://lnkd.in/fjCdYvH


CE Sharing - "Scholars - You could do it" by Phuc Truong  

On Friday, 11th May and Saturday, 12th May, Phuc Truong from SPE Vietnam held two sharing sessions with students from Bach Khoa University and PetroVietnam University (PVU) respectively. The latter was part of the annual Company Day, organized by PVU to enable students to interact with companies in the oil and gas industries.

During the talks, Phuc shared with the audience his bittersweet journey from a humble background to where he is today, as well as his personal tips and advices with regards to applying for scholarships overseas. The feedback was phenomenal, with many in the audience finding the sharing extremely inspirational and valuable. We hope that the take-home message will stay with the students in their quests to realise their own dreams: regardless of your starting point, you can do it, and you can even do it better, as long as you have the courage and persistence in the face of hardship.

“Where you're from is not where you’ll end up being. It just merely means where you started.” – Phuc Truong Van.


SPE 2018 Football Tournament

On Saturday, 5th of May 2018, the very first SPE Football Tournament was held in Binh Thanh Dist., Ho Chi Minh City. It attracted the participation of 14 teams, representing 13 oil and gas companies in Vietnam. It was a full day of matches, and the heat from the scorching sun was second only to the spirit that the teams and their supporters brought with them to the fields. There were many exciting matches, and plenty of breath-taking goals. Most importantly, all teams gave the audience a great display of sportsmanship and beautiful football. Winning all of their matches, team PVD emerged as the champion of the SPE 2018 Football Tournament.

SPE Vietnam Section would like to thank all teams and their supporters for their participation and enthusiasm. We would also like to express our gratitude to the various sponsors for their financial and logistical support. Last but not least, we would like to thank all the volunteers, without whom this event would not have been possible. We look forward to organising more successful tournaments in the coming years.


SPE YPs talk - "Personal Development and Progression"

The much being awaited speaker Phil Maclaurin has finally given his talk this year to SPE Vietnam audience. The topic this time is about "Personal Development and Progression". This talk followed his sharing in 2016 at PVU about "Surviving a downturn" and his career discussion with students in HCMC in 2017.

His sharing was much applauded by nearly 40 students and professionals presented. Phil particularly emphasized the importance of having a clear career path and the benefit of continuing education.

SPE Vietnam very much appreciates Phil's enthusiasm to share his experience in our industry with SPE Vietnam members throughout the years, and wish to have more chances to listen to him.

BKU 2018 Petroleum Day

In April 2018, the annual Petroleum Day was organised by the SPE Student chapter of Bach Khoa University. The topic of this year was “The challenges and impacts on the development of the new revolution”.

Comprehensive overviews of the different technical disciplines and the progress of technological development in the upstream oil and gas sector were provided by Mr. Gregory Fraser of Murphy Oil and visiting professor Peter Behrenbruch. On the other hand, Mr Tan Seang Teak, CEO of Hoan My Medical Corporation, and Mr. Nham Xuan Bich of Premier Oil, chose to share with the audience about the soft skills and the mindset needed for them to adapt and thrive in the future workplace.

There were also exhibition booths set up by the sponsors to showcase their ongoing operations. These were very popular with the students, who visited the booths during the intermission to pose questions and learn from the company’s representatives.

HUMG 2018 Open Day

In Mar 2018, HUMG SPE Student Chapter organized the HUMG Open Day 2018 with objectives were to expose junior HUMG students and high school students to the university's facilities in Oil & Gas training and HUMG SPE SC operation and activities. This event attracted a large number of students and companies to find out more about this long standing hub for Vietnam O&G Industry workforce. 


SPE Vietnam Section Gratitude Dinner

Supportive sponsors have always been indispensable to the success of SPE Vietnam activities. Without their generosity, events such as the 2017 Golf and Tennis Tournament would not have been possible. Therefore, in order to express our warmest appreciation, SPE Vietnam Section held a gratitude dinner for our sponsors at the Metropolitan Grill and Lounge in Ho Chi Minh City on the 30th of March, 2018.

The committee was joined by honoured guests from PVEP, Cuu Long JOC, Bien Dong POC, Phu Quoc POC, PVD, PETROSETCO, Schlumberger, Halliburton, DS Block, and Emerging, for a night of good wine, delicious food and excellent company. The highlight of the event was the much applauded beatbox performance by Phu Nguyen, one of our SPE young professionals. Ending the night on a high note, PVD and PETROSETCO have agreed to become the gold sponsors for the upcoming SPE Football Tournament, in addition to the already secured sponsors Toan Thang Co., Ltd., Schlumberger and Scientific Drilling International (SDI).

Once again, SPE Vietnam Section would like to express our deepest gratitude to all our sponsors. We look forward to being able to organise many more exciting events in the coming year with the help of your continuing support.


Continuing Education | Wireline Logging for Drilling Engineers

 A brief overview of key considerations for wireline logging relevant to the drilling engineer's priorities. 


Celebrating 300 LinkedIn followers

SPE online channels serve as a communication device between SPE Vietnam Section and its members, and today we celebrate the 300th follower on our LinkedIn page. To serve our missions and visions, SPE Vietnam continuously update and improve our presence online to ensure every group of member with different interests get updated with our latest activities. 

Follow us on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/company/spevietnam/


Southern Vietnam 2018 Petrobowl

On 10th March 2018, 06 teams from PetroVietnam University, Bach Khoa University and HCMC University of Science had competed in Southern Vietnam 2018 Petrobowl competition. The champion of this competition is team PVU 01. The 1st and 2nd runner-up team are BKU 01 and HCMUS 02 respectively. SPE Vietnam would like to thank all volunteers, guests and judges who had contributed their time and effort for the great success of this event.


On Tet occasion, SPE Vietnam Section gave 300 gift sets worth 150 mil. VND to underprivileged families in Ba Ria - Vung Tau province, wishing them a prosperous Lunar New Year #SPECares


SPE YPs Bowling 

Jan 2018 
Superbowl, L5, Diamond Plaza 


SPE Vietnam Technical Talk

SPE Vietnam Jan'18 Technical Talk was presented at VPI Hanoi by Dr. Tran Nhu Huy from PVEP POC, with the topic

"Fractured Granite Reservoir Characteristics in eastern edge of Cuu Long Basin, offshore Vietnam


SPE Vietnam Scholarship Giving Ceremony.

Back Khoa University, 13 Jan 2018.
HCMC University of Science, 18 Jan 2018
PetroVietnam University, 20 Jan 2018
Hanoi University of Mining and Geology, 02 Feb 2018

Congratulations to all scholarship awardees.




2017 Northern Vietnam Petrobowl Contest

In Saturday, December 2, 2017, HUMG SPE Student Chapter and HUST SPE Student Chapter had cooperated in holding the 2017 Northern Vietnam Petrobowl Contest.

This event was the chance for SPE’s members from the two universities to exchange Petroleum industry’s knowledge, to network with each other and to meet professionals from the industry.


SPE Vietnam December Technical Talk

SPE Vietnam December Technical Talk was presented by SPE Distinguished Lecturer, Brian Tarr from Shell International, with the topic

"Robust Kick Detection -  First Step on Our Well Control Automation Journey


SPE Continuing Education | Members in transition

Arguably this is the best SPE non-technical event organized by CE&YP this year. Not just because of a great number of participants, the quality of the sharing by invited speakers, but also by a hot Q&A session whereby real connections were made. Our appreciation goes to the 3 speakers who spent their time to share with us their own experiences during their transitioning.

This closed out the series of soft-skills training & sharing for 2017.

A lot more to come in the coming year. Stay tuned!


SPE Vietnam November Technical Talk

SPE Vietnam welcomed more than 60 oil and gas professionals attending our November Technical Talk with topic "Sanding issue of gas condensate well and How to operate the well efficiency" presented by Sr. Production Engineer, Pham Van An from KNOC.


SPE Appreciation

We would like to offer our appreciation to Mr. Doan Viet Trung in regard to the contribution towards our sections activities and his representation as an exemplary SPE Vietnam member.

In 2017, we appreciate the contribution from his company, EastSea Star Software Co., Ltd. (ESS), to SPE Vietnam Section. Throughout the year, thanks to his encouragement, there have been 12 ESS both former and current employees registered for or renewed SPE Professional membership. This accounts for about 50% of ESS staff which is nonpareil exemplar in Vietnam. His contribution towards the SPE Technical Talk in August 2017 is greatly appreciated. Also, one of his employees, Tran Van Tu, has devoted a significant amount of time and effort to the SPE community as Technical Program Co-chairperson and SPE 2017 Golf & Tennis Committee Member.

With all of the aforementioned contributions, we SPE Vietnam would like to thank Mr. Trung and ESS for his continuous support, and looking forward for our further cooperation.

Best regards,

Serge Hayon
SPE Vietnam Section


In 28th Oct '17, SPE Vietnam, in conjunction with HCMUS SPE SC, organized a technical talk by Mr. Pham Van Vinh, Lead Drilling Engineer of Phu Quoc POC with the following topics:

Topic #1: A lucky career path story in drilling operation
Topic #2: The drilling rigs and their application in oil and gas industry

This event is a sequel to another technical sharing by Mr. Vinh at Bach Khoa University in 9th September '17, following by another sharing coming soon at PetroVietnam University.

During this talk, Mr. Vinh shared with HCMUS students about his career, the hardship he had to overcome in order to enter and succeed in Oil and Gas industry. According to him, apart from technical expertise, the key element for his career success is genuine attitude towards his work and its outcome. This attitude comes from one's willingness to learn and excel from hard work, and more importantly, sincerity. Additionally, another integral factor to his success is the ability to take advantages of opportunities when they arise.

Also, amidst the general industry downturn, he encouraged students and graduates to embrace persistence. Mr. Vinh has experienced 03 downturns in his careers; however, as our industry is cyclical, the storm will past. When it does, those who sail through it will get their rewards.


[YPs] Millennials – The Downturn Survivors

SPE Vietnam YPs invited 5 speakers to chair the discussion about how to survive the downturn. The speakers were those who graduated from the last 03 years and managed to land a job in O&G industry. The students and young professionals who attended did benefit from this sharing regarding how to make your job application stand out, and job interview experiences.

After the success of YPs talk "Millennial - The Downturn Survivors" in HCMC, the speakers were invited to deliver this topic again in PVU this morning. Organized by SPE Vietnam Young Professionals and SPE PVU SC.

Speakers: Phuc Truong, Phu Nguyen, Nghia Tuan Tran and Le Anh Tu Nguyen


SPE Vietnam Charity Golf & Tennis Tournament

The SPE Vietnam section would like to thank everyone who participated in its 2017 Golf and Tennis charity tournament.

We have been able to successfully host this tournament for the 18th year and would not have achieved this feat without your support.

Thanks once again for participating and we hope to see you again next year.​


SPE Vietnam Field Trip

SPE Vietnam Field Trip was organized from 6th - 7th October in Vung Tau. This occasion brought together students from PVU, HCMUS and HCMUT SPE Student Chapters. The 03 chapters visited Halliburton Warehouse, following by Team Building on Vung Tau beach.


SPE Ambassador Lecturer Visit to HUST 

After nearly a year working as trial-mode, Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST) SPE Student Chapter is approaching final steps to become an official student chapter in Vietnam. The ALP Visit was held at HUST by Ambassador Lecturer - Le Anh Tu Nguyen as part of continuous support from SPE Vietnam Section to the establishment of HUST SPE Student Chapter. 


SPE Ambassador Lecturer Visit to HUMG 

SPE Ambassador Lecturer Le Anh Tu Nguyen Visit to HUMG SPE Student Chapter was held in 1st October. The visit disseminated HUMG students the benefits of being an SPE members, as well as to fortify relationship between SPE Vietnam and SPE HUMG.


SPE Vietnam Soft Skills Training 

More than 200 SPE students members and volunteers gathered on 30th of September 2017 in our major event "SPE Soft Skills Training". Enormous thanks to the Student Chapters, speakers and the organizing committee for their meritorious contribution to make this event a success.



SPE Vietnam September Technical Talk

A hotly debated topic we had on 28th September during SPE Vietnam Technical Talk with topic "Sand Conglomeration Technology for Optimized Production" presented by Liu Hai from Schlumberger.


Thank you Timur

SPE Vietnam section would like to thank Timur Manapov for his service with the section for the last 3 years. Your leadership has steered our organization to great heights and positively impacted the SPE community in so many ways. We wish you and your family great health and look forward to meeting you again!


Timur Handover ceremony to New Section Chairman - Dr. Do Van Khanh


Ambassador Lecturer Visit to PVU

In 16th Oct 2017, SPE Ambassador Lecturers Tu Nguyen of Repsol and Phuc Truong of Idemitsu had visited PetroVietnam University (PVU). The visit had provided PVU students 1st and 2nd year students with SPE missions and visions, as well as the numerous benefits of being an SPE Student member. We hope to see a new batch of many PVU SPE student members coming soon. 


SPE Aug Technical Talk

This August, SPE Vietnam Technical Talk was organized as below:

Topic: Applying Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) in Reservoir Characterization and Comparison of different Machine Learning Algorithm Speaker:
Trung Doan, Reservoir Geoscientist, EastSea Star Software.

Follow our updates for the upcoming technical talks.


SPE Dinner

On 25th August2017, SPE Vietnam Dinner was organized. This social event was participated by more than 20 former and current officers. The recent activities was reviewed, along with the planning for coming major events such as G&T. Also, the dinner was the good chance to celebrate the recent SPE President's Award for Section Excellence. This spurred-on the recently joined committee members to continue upholding section's reputation. Moreover, many milestones in the past and the hardship of establishing and maintaining the section from its early day was highlighted by the Section's founders.


Petroleum Career Orientation Day

On 19th August 2017, Bach Khoa Ho Chi Minh SPE Student Chapter organized Petroleum Career Orientation Day with the main objective is to disseminate general knowledge of Vietnam Oil and Gas Industry to the first and second year PE students. The event was contributed by SPE speakers from Schlumberger, Halliburton, Idemitsu, Repsol and Bohler Pacific. More than 60 attended students from BK HCM, HCM University of Science and PetroVietnam University were exposed to insights about working life in both operator and service companies, as well as the career prospects upon the completion of their undergraduate study.